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Mr. Nole, 

Our organization is proud to endorse your candidacy for Jefferson County Sheriff.  As fellow workers in public safety for our community, our organization feels that a more cohesive, organized delivery of combined services to the public can be further advanced with your bid for Jefferson County Sheriff.  This has been demonstrated by the years of cooperation, and positive work experiences we have encountered with Joe Nole, which has made this endorsement an easy and necessary decision. 
Please join us in supporting Joe Nole for Jefferson County Sheriff! 
Wesley Lueders President Jefferson County Professional Firefighters, L3811 

— Port Ludlow Professional Firefighter's Union Local 3811

We are voting for Joe Nole for Jefferson County Sheriff because he is the best candidate for the citizens of Jefferson County.

— Charlie Hough

I have had the pleasure of working with Joe over the last 11 years. He has the wisdom, temperament, ethics, and the local knowledge to lead the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office. — Ryan Menday

I have known Joe for well over 20 years. As a former prosecutor and defense attorney I know him to be honest, hard working and fair. His peers not only like him, they respect him. I will be voting for Joe and strongly believe that he his the best choice for our next sheriff. — John Raymond

Having worked with Joe and coming from multi-generational local families, we appreciate Joe’s commitment to family and community. We are confident that Joe will make a great Sheriff. — Travis & April Fisk

I have known Joe for over 20 years and conducted many criminal investigations with Joe during that time. Joe is always the consummate professional, keeping the best interests of the citizens of Jefferson County first and foremost. — Eric Kovatch

An impressive majority of those attending the Jefferson County Democrats General Membership Endorsement Meeting Wednesday night on September 12 voted to endorse Joe Nole for Jefferson County Sheriff.

— Jefferson County Democrats

A request was made to consider an endorsement of Joe Nole for Jefferson County Sheriff, mentioning that five former sheriffs support Nole’s candidacy, and citing election results showing that 62% of Jefferson County voters supported Nole in the primary. Nole’s opposition to the current sheriff’s collaborations between the local department and the US Border Patrol under Operation Stonegarden was also referenced. The membership overwhelmingly approved the motion to endorse Nole.

— 24th Legisislative Distirct Democrats

I endorse Democrat Joe Nole for Jefferson County Sheriff. He earned 62.48 percent of the votes by Jefferson County residents in the August primary election.

— Gary Larson

Community oriented, knowledgeable, honest - exactly who Jefferson County needs now — Eva Bennett

On Behalf of the more than 50,0000 Teamsters members in Washington State, it is my pleasure to inform you that the Washington Teamsters Legislative League has endorsed your candidacy for Jefferson County Sheriff - Rick Hicks, President

— Washington Teamsters Legislative League (Teamsters Joint Council No.28)

During our meetings and workings with Joe, we are overwhelmingly impressed with his passion and commitment to the community that he serves. We are confident he will apply his life experiences, community knowledge and compassion to partner with out community and be committed to preserving the peace, helping those in need, and protecting the constitutional rights of all.   Justin Fletcher, President

— East Jefferson Professional Firefighters IAFF Local 2032

I have known about Mr. Nole and his dedicated work to our community for years. I believe he will make an excellent sheriff who will be of help to our hard working deputies with his leadership skills, and his knowledge of our communities issues and concerns. — Connie Gallant

Joe has the experience and relationships within the sheriffs department, local agencies and communities to deliver what we in Jefferson County needs. The first thing that I heard, and have heard, about Joe is that you won’t meet anyone more honorable and upstanding than Joe. This is his home, his neighbors, his concern. He can describe and critically critique our strengths and shortfalls, and then bring forward ideas to improve and deliver. He starts with an open give and take, and listen to our residents, business, and people. He knows that we will never have all the funding that we would like, but that doesn’t give a pass to jump in and work on what we can do together. While I have often heard about Joe, I have only recently heard him and met him. Each time, I am more and more supportive of him as our next sheriff. — Jane Armstrong

We need a Sheriff with a local background who has long term experience and deep personal roots in our area. We don't need to "import" our law enforcement professionals. Joe Nole has the knowledge experience and proven ability to be our Sheriff — Chip Hoins

Get out and vote for Joe Nole!

— Joyce Kantz

I have worked with Joe in the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office and find him to be a man of integrity. Jefferson County needs him as their next Sheriff, and he has my full support. — Kay Rowland

I Have known and worked with Joe for over 20 years. It’s about time you go after the Sheriff Job. — Wayne King

I had the pleasure to serve alongside Joe at the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office. Joe is a professional law enforcement officer, who has always demonstrated strong leadership character, integrity and honesty. Joe has my full support and I look forward to the continuation of his service to the citizens of Jefferson County, as our elected Sheriff. Vote for Joe Nole!! — Ken Sukert

I have known Joe for over twenty years. He has the integrity to lead the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office. He has my endorsement and full support! — Mike Stringer

I've known and worked with Joe for over 22 years. He has my confidence and support. — Mark Apeland

Time for a Jefferson County Sheriff who is from Jefferson County, knows our county and its needs! — Ben and Mary Ann Stamper

Joe Nole will make a great sheriff. He has my complete support!



— Conner Daily

Joe Nole is a man l know and support. Joe will make a good sheriff for Jefferson County. — Michelle Buchanan

As a retired law enforcement officer I know that Joe has what it takes to be a great Sheriff. The Jefferson County Sheriff's Office deserves a leader like Joe Nole. — Glen Roggenbuck

You will make a good Sheriff!

— Sherie Dills

I have had the pleasure of working with Joe Nole for 17 years. He has all my support and I am happy to endorse him as Jefferson County Sheriff. Very honest, very intelligent, hardworking family man. He will always be there to help customers and staff alike.

— May Tracer

I’ve known and worked with Joe for many years. He’s conscientious, hard-working and thorough in performing the duties of a law enforcement officer. He’s got my vote! — Mark Huth

Joe will make an outstanding Sheriff.  This is the guy Jefferson County needs!

— Todd Oberlander
Pamela Roberts
Scott Freeman
Kate Pike
Judy Alexander
Susan Freeman
Lynn Chesterfield
Jan Klockers Boutilier
Diane Hill
Gloria Ricketts
Kevin Denney
Linda Mackie
Steve Ricketts
Joy Baisch
Mary Tucker
Darrin Dotson
Rhonda Lorenzen
Susan Uballe
Leanne Dotson
Karen Sickel
Sue Marett
Katie Nole
Merry Herrin
Gary Maxfield
Fernando Lamas
Marie Pierce
Sue Hunter
Mel Mefford
Linda Cubero
Bob Marett
Jeanette Woodruff
Char VanLaningham
Mary Ann Hunt
Dave Woodruff
Terrie Barrows
Michael Hunt
David Mallory
Bambi Mylan
Rick Dennison
Kathie Anne Sukert
Helen Oakland
Melinda Bryden
Gretchen Copeland
Jim Oakland
Linda Abbott-Roe
Lenora Johnson
Paul Becker
Linda Karp
Clint Weimeister
Barb Ferguson
John Collins
Gail Pruitt
Denise Hart
Alise Moss Vetica
Don Johnson
Chris Ashcraft
Jane Armstrong
Deborah Pedersen
Linda Herzog
Jack Gray
Caroline Wildflower
Cheryl Potebnya
Melissa Anderson
Mike Brasfield
Alexander Potebnya
Brian Anderson
John Austin
Jeff Monroe
Jennifer Newman
Rick Peirson
Eliza Cole
Frank Gifford
Jennifer Dyste
Caren Petersen
Cori Boyd
Linda Bigelow
Shannon Bishop
Kathleen Kler
Bruce Cowan
Ron Bishop
Scott Boyd
Lily Sevilla
Amber Anglin
Patsy Caldwell
Emily Nole
Brett Anglin
Ray Hunter
David Kaldahl
Wendy Pate
Al Bergstein
Stuart Eisenmeyer
Andy Pate
Holly Barnes
Gayle Schenk
Carter Huth
David Alvarez
Alex Mintz
Herb Beck
Diane Jones
Louis Johnson
Patrick Johnson
Ashley Moore
Brandon Przygocki
John Fabian
Rebecca Fernandes
Whitney Maxfield
Teri Nomura
Pete Piccini
Randi Przygocki
Gail Rodgers
Duane Petersen
Charles Hough
John Matthiesen
KaraLee Monroe
David Miller
Carol Graves
Judy Hamling
Cameron Ham
Rita Kepner
Rebecca Maki
Jamey Stamper
Kathleen Erickson
Darlene Apeland
Judith Lamas
Mary Craft
Amber Armstrong
Lee Smith
Jennifer Taylor
Heidi Sukert
Bill Wells
Savinka Vajler
Juanna Valdez
Richard Davies
Lori Allen
Carly Copeland
Susan Grantham
Dominique Piccini-Edwards
Corrie Black Knudson
Michelle Ham
Luke Bogues
Chuck Boggs
Tony Hernandez
Christopher Sevilla
Karl Hatton
Teri Nole
Dan Erlenborn
Josh Bitzer
George Bigelow
Melissa Pernsteiner
Mark Saran
Ben Stamper
Doug Campbell
Glen Huntingford
Donna Stamper
David Llewellin
Erin Kennedy
Gordon Tamura
Dixie Llewellin
Roger Kennedy

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